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When you entrust yours or your patient's care to CFI you can rely on their experience, creativity and service. Our facility is ABC certified and our certified practitioners and staff not only respect and appreciate the legacy of our long history, but also remain on the front lines of new techniques and technology. All of our professional staff are required to complete ongoing education and training in order to maintain credentials as well as provide the most appropriate and functional orthotics, prosthetics and
pedorthic treatment.



















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Orthotics (Braces)
Orthotics, commonly called braces, are devices used to correct, support or replace musculoskeletal functions lost as a result of injury or congenital irregularity. We use the latest in high tech, lightweight components incorporated into precision fitting orthoses to achieve the best possible fit available. In addition, we also fit and fabricate myo-electric technologies, when appropriate.

Custom Fit / Custom Designed Orthoses
CFI Prosthetics Orthotics specializes in orthotics for the lower limbs, knees and feet, the upper limbs and hands and the entire spine, and our expertise extends from pediatric to adult to geriatric bracing.image 1

Many orthoses are available from orthotic manufacturers, and come in a range of standard sizes and shapes. Some may be fitted directly to the patient with a minimum of adjustment; others require careful and very specific customization to adjust them to fit your specific body contours and size.

Alternatively, your physician may prescribe a completely custom-designed orthosis to specifically address your needs. CFI’s certified practitioners are experienced and well qualified to fit and fabricate these custom devices as well.

In either case, it is important that your orthosis be fitted for you by a trained and qualified professional orthotist. Look for an orthotist who is familiar with the various orthotic designs available and the different fitting processes for each—and who pursues continuing education in this area to keep him- or herself current with the very latest and most modern designs and techniques.

Orthotic Product Information
Download information about products:

image1 Carbon Fiber Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) Keys

image1 Hip Abduction Orthosis

image1 Double Upright Ankle Foot Orthosis

image1 Plastic AFOs

image1 Arizona AFO

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